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The answers are here for your questions about International Journal of Medicine and Biosciences (IJMB). If you have any questions which are not answered here, please feel free to contact the chief editor.

What types of articles are published in IJMB?

IJMB publishes the following type of articles:

  • Research Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Case Reports
  • Short Reports

How to obtain print version of the journal?

Currently, IJMB publishes open access online journal. You can download the PDF version of all the articles given in the table of contents.

How can I submit my manuscript to IJMB?

You can submit your manuscript including cover letter, article text file and images/figures, to IJMB in two ways. You can use our "Online Submission" to submit your manuscript through our website. Alternatively you can submit your manuscript and other files as email attachment to chief editor.

Do I re-publish the articles with other journals which are already published in IJMB?

No, IJMB do not allow the authors to re-publish the articles with other journals.

Can I use the material from articles published in IJMB?

Text, illustrations, figures or tables from any articles published in IJMB can use for academic activities.

Why do I have to pay Article Publication Charges?

All articles published in IJMB are open access. Open Access publishing implies that all readers, anywhere in the world, are allowed unrestricted online access to full text of articles, immediately on publication in IJMB. This increases the citations of an article in other articles and increases its importance in scientific literature. If a published paper can only be accessed by paying a subscription fee, many innovative articles will not reach to the audience. Due to this reason some very good articles suffer and lag behind in citations as readers cannot access them without paying for subscriptions. The Article Publication Charges collected by IJMB pays for manuscript peer review, processing, web hosting, publishing articles online and archive maintenance.

When do I pay Article Publication Charges?

Article Publication Charges will have to be paid after the manuscript has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. The corresponding author will be responsible for arranging the payments.

Is there any articles charge for readers?

No payment is collected from the readers for accessing, downloading and reading the articles.

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