Month: September 2021

Colitis and cabbage

In this undated photo, you can see a colitis patient in a hospital bed. The patient is in the rectum, which is a swollen part of the colon. The colon is a long hollow tube that runs from the end of the small intestine to the anus. The colon helps to absorb water and salts …

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Legs ache after drinking

If you have a leg or foot injury, it may be caused by alcohol intoxication. You may also feel pain in your leg if you’ve had a recent injury to the area. Other symptoms of alcohol intoxication include: Slurred speech Difficulty walking Confusion Disorientation Delirium Dizziness Stiff neck Nausea and vomiting Other symptoms of alcohol …

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Autism federal loans forgiven

The IRS allows parents to forgive tax debts of their adult children. Most parents can also forgive the student loan debt of their adult children. The most important thing to know is that the IRS allows the forgiveness of tax debts if the debt amount is more than $2000. However, it is not as simple …

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