Month: October 2021

First aid expiration date

If your first aid kit has expired, it can be a sign of poor storage. It’s a good idea to dispose of expired first aid kits. However, you may want to keep the first aid kit for a while longer if you have a child who has a chronic health condition. First aid kits for …

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Dislocated rib x ray

A dislocated rib is a broken rib that is not in place. When a person has a dislocated rib, it is referred to as rib fracture. The bone is not in place and usually doesn’t heal correctly. X-rays are the most common way of diagnosing a dislocated rib. These films show the broken pieces of …

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Itchy foot meaning superstition

Aching feet have been associated with supernatural causes since ancient times. In fact, the word “itch” comes from the Latin word “iticere,” or “to itch.” Foot ailments are a result of nerve irritation. This is caused by pressure or friction from shoes, socks, or other socks. This can result in itching, tingling, or burning sensations. …

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